What Can You Study at China Three Gorges University

Established in 2000, China Three Gorges University(CTGU), located at beautiful Yichang city of Hubei Province, is a comprehensive university incorporated with other disciplines including arts. One of the most comprehensive universities, offering a wide array if subjects ranging from engineering and sciences to arts and management.

Engineering and Technology

Hydropower Engineering (CTGU is a university near the Three Gorges Dam, and has an established major in Hydropower Engineering.) The program is centered around the hydropower plant engineering, and it will give students a hands-on experience through working in one of the biggest installed capacity plants at global scale.

Civil Engineering and Architecture: Fully catered for Civil Engineering, CTGU provides a tailored introduction to the construction of buildings and infrastructure in addition traditional architectural design.

Medical and Health Sciences

Medicine: CTGU’s medical programs include Clinical Medicine, Nursing and Public Health. Their programs are structured to provide the necessary background of medical knowledge and practical skills expected when navigating within a healthcare setting.

Integrating traditional chinese medicine: This program focuses on holistic practices that blends traditional Chinese medicinal techniques with contemporary medical theories.

Arts and Humanities

MA in Chinese Language and Literature: Students study language, literature, comparative literary studies or philology. It is a Theoretical and Applied Linguistics program designed to help build an appreciation of Chinese culture for students.

Xin Ben Shi Guo Ji Mao Yi Da Zhuan : Dedicated to prepare students for the global market through comprehensive discussions of international trade, economy and policy in today’s world English language preparing.

Science and Technology

Environmental Science: This program teaches how to conserve the environment, save our planet from degradation and create a sustainable future.

At IT Department, students can have better understanding of the most recent technologies that are selected to be part of fast growing department in Computer Science discipline.

Scholarship Opportunities

CTGU offers a lot of scholarships to facilitate students financially in their higher learning. These positions help to break the costs of education for those domestic and international students, who can now continue their studies without suffering many financial burdens.

So for those who are planning to seek similar opportunities overseas, southwest university of science and technology also provides several types of scholarships that can open more paths in the academic and professional world.


China Three Gorges University provides a dynamic and multifaceted learning environment to meet the unique demands of each student whether Chinese or international. CTGU is preparing students to meet the demands of a diverse society, from engineering and health sciences to environmental studies with strong theoretical background as well practical exposure.

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